About room rates and payment

Tell me about the child rate.
We do not have a child rate. If a child or a baby use one bed, the bill is the same as adults regardless of age.
If you and a preschool child share one bed, the child requires no accommodation fee.
What credit cards do you accept for my payment?
Visa、Master、AMEX、Diners,JCB and China Union Pay
Do you accept IC-prepaid cards such as Suica, PASMO?
No, we don't.
When do I settle my payment?
We ask our guests to settle your payment when you check in.
Our automatic payment machine has a multilingual support ; English, Chinese and Korean.
When you book throgh our website, you can settle your payment online.

About parking

Do you have parking available? Is it free of charge? Outdoor or mechanical?
Yes, we have parking for 50 normal sized cars. For 20 cars, it is in front of the hotel buildings. For 30 cars, they are outside the hotel premises.
You can park at no cost.
The parking is outdoors, not mechanical.

Parking map is here (PDF).
1)Can I park my motorcycle?
2)Can I bring my bicycle into my room?
1)Yes, you can park your motorcycle.
2)No, you cannnot bring your bicycle in your room. We ask you to park it outside. If you'd like to park it inside the hotel building, please let us know in advance. *TEL:0495-25-8088 (+81-495-25-8088)
1)Can I reserve parking place in advance?
2)If I go outside with my car after I checked in, can you keep the parking place empty until I come back?
1)No, we cannnot accept your reservation of parking place. The parking is "First comes, first served".
2)No, we cannnot keep your parking place empty until you come back. Please find a vacant place at that time.
Does your parking have height limit or width limit?
All of our parking are without roof, so there is no height limit. If you need to park a large sized car, please call us in advance to check availability. *TEL:0495-25-8088 (+81-495-25-8088)

About large communal bathing facilities

Tell me about the baths. Where is it and what time can I use?

They are on the first floor and opens 5:00PM - 12:00 midnight everyday. It also opens 5:30AM - 8:30AM only in Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
Nano-water ; nano leveled fine, high quality water fill the bathtub. The water from faucets are also Nano-water.
When you go to the baths, please bring towels in your room.
The entrance of the female baths is always locked for a security. Our check-in staff tell female guests how to open the door.

Are the baths hot spring?

No, they are not hot spring. So you do not need to pay bathing tax.

Can I reserve the baths for private use?
No, we don't accept a private use.
Do you have a safe ; safety box? If you have, where is it?
Yes, it is in your room.
Though the lockers in dressing rooms next to the baths also have keys, please keep your valuables in the safe of your room.

About breakfast

Though I booked "plan without meals", can I have breakfast at the hotel restaurant?
Yes, you can. Please ask our frontdesk staff to have breakfast. It costs 1,000yen per person.