Information about us, our facilities and security.

Address 2-1-12, Waseda-no-mori, Honjo-shi, Saitama-ken, 3670030, Japan
Hotel Reservation 0495-25-8088 (+81-495-25-8088)
Check-in 3:00PM - 12:00 midnight

The hotel enterance is security locked : 12:00 midnight - 5:00AM.
During the time after your check-in, you can open the entrance door with your room-key.
Check-out 10:00AM
喫煙ルーム製氷機 給茶機さむえ 枕コインランドリー多目的トイレお茶コーナー浴室棟ユニバーサルルーム自動精算機 レストラン


  • Hotel entrance

    The hotel enterance is locked for a security, 12:00 midnight - 5:00AM.
    After your check-in, you can open the door with your room-key during the time above.

  • TEN-KEY DEVICE ; numeric keypad for Building-2

    The entrance of Building-2 is always locked for a security.
    When you check in, frontdesk staff tell you the PIN.

  • Interphones in 14 places

    Though there is no extension phone in your room, 14 interphones are in the hotel.
    With the interphones, you can call directly to the frontdesk.


  • Tatami benches, the place to drink free tea

    Tatami benches are in our lobby, they are the place to have free tea.
    We selected the teas that have relaxing effect or affect not disturbing sleep.

  • Automatic payment machine

    This machine accepts your cash or credit card.
    It has a multilingual support ; English, Chinese and Korean.

  • "Samue" and pillows you can choose

    In the hotel, you can relax by changing your clothes to our "samue". A samue is originally a garment that a Zen monk wears as daily clothes.
    Though there are pillows downy like marshmallows in your room, we aloso have another types you can choose.

  • Ice-maker and Tea-maker

    We have an ice-maker and a tea-maker in our lobby.
    You can use them anytime, at no cost.
    It is said Nano-water makes ice and tea taste good.

  • Laundromat

    Laundromat ; coin-operated laundry room opens 24 hours.
    The washing machines have a security-lock function.
    *The first floor of Building-2

  • Room for smoking

    All of the guest rooms are Non-smoking.
    If you'd like to somoke during your stay, this smoking room welcomes you.
    *The first floor of Building-2

  • Restaurant

    The place for having breakfast.
    40inch sized TV are in 3 places.

  • Large communal bathing facilities

    The large baths, separated for men and women will heal you.
    The bathtubs and shampoos have Japanese fragrance to make you relax.

  • Facilities for handicapped

    The entrance has a slope for wheelchair.
    There is a multipurpose toilet in the lobby.