When you enter the hotel made of wood, you will feel nature and warmth.
Slightly sound of woods and comfortable aroma will surround you.

  • Tatami benches, the place to have free tea

    Tatami benches are in our lobby, they are the place to have free tea.
    We selected the teas that have relaxing effect or affect not disturbing sleep.

  • All of the water is Nano-water

    All of the water is Nano-water ; nano leveled water.
    It is so fine, high quality water.
    Especially you will find the moisturizing effect in our large bathtub.

  • Every beds are Simmons

    All of the beds are Simmons, they will make your sleep comfortable.
    And the pillows are downy like marshmallows.

  • Every rooms have wall-hanging 40inch sized TV

    In your room, you can watch movies on your bed.
    *VOD : 1,000yen per night

  • Big bathtub with Japanese fragrance

    The large communal bathing facilities have big bathtubs, and they have Japanese fragrance such as Hinoki.

  • Comfortable "samue" and pillows you can choose

    In the hotel, you can relax by changing your clothes and shoes to our "samue" and slippers.
    Though there are pillows downy like marshmallows in your room, we aloso have another types you can choose.